Procurement Development



Robynne helps owners select the best design-builder for their project and then negotiate a balanced contract to set the project up for success. She works with the owner to identify the project’s unique risks and needs and then tailors the procurement and contract documents she has developed over years of experience with design-build to each project, industry, and owner. Robynne also facilitates the proprietary meetings with the design-build team and the owner’s evaluation team meetings to ensure a well-run and defensible procurement. Robynne is a fair and effective facilitator who has earned the respect of design-build teams and evaluators across the country. design-build contracts

Form Documents



  Robynne has a great deal of experience drafting form documents that are intended to be used on multiple projects by public entities. Robynne has been involved with drafting the DBIA form design-build documents since 2008 and is the primary drafter of the form RFQ/RFP documents, the Teaming Agreement, and the soon to be issued revisions of the General Conditions. Robynne works closely with the public entity to help them decide what should be incorporated into the documents, what options they want in the agreement and general conditions, and what information should be drafted on a case by case basis for each project.  



Robynne has been training industry professionals in design-build delivery for many years.  She is one of the primary instructors for the Design-Build Institute of America, she provides in house training for many clients, and she has instructed for many organizations such as the AAA, the AGC, and the AIA.  A list of Robynne's recent training subjects can be found in the resume below.  

About Robynne


Thaxton Parkinson PLLC is a Mercer Island based law and consulting firm. Robynne Thaxton (formerly Robynne Parkinson) is the Managing Member of Thaxton Parkinson pllc and one of the leading experts in construction law and alternative procurement both in Washington State and on a national basis.  Robynne has a passion for helping folks in the construction industry understand and deliver best practices in alternative procurement and is very active with construction industry organizations.

Robynne served on the National Design Build Institute of America Board of Directors from 2010 - 2016. She also serves on the Washington State Capital Projects Advisory Review Board. In addition, she was the Vice Chair of the DBIA Education Committee and the former chair of the DBIA National Legal and Legislation Committee, where she continues to serve and is instrumental in drafting and revising the DBIA form Design-Build contracts and subcontracts. Robynne has been a DBIA designated Design-Build Professional since 2005 and is in the first class of Design-Build Designated Fellow. Robynne was named as a Washington Super Lawyer in 2010-2019. Robynne is also a Fellow with the Construction Lawyers Society of America. A list of Robynne's projects can be found in the resume below.  Recent clients include the cities of Seattle, Portland, Tacoma, Spokane, and Richland; Los Angeles County; the Port of Seattle, the Washington State Department of Enterprise Services; the Washington State Department of Transportation; the University of California System; the University of California at San Diego; Western Washington University; and Bonneville Power Administration.

Robynne also has a separate consulting firm:  Progressive Design-Build Consulting, LLC.   Robynne's services with PDBC is limited to consulting only, and she does not perform legal work under this company; however, having two firms allows Robynne full flexibility to support clients in multiple jurisdictions and with many different types of projects.

When not assisting clients, Robynne can be found hiking, boating, wrangling her three dogs, hanging out with her husband and kids, or singing with the blues and rock band the MelCats.

You can contact Robynne at 206-909-5290 or via email at or  Yes, I apparently require everyone to learn how to spell my name in order to email me.

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